How to Implement Internet Marketing for Small Business

When a local merchant begins to have a presence online it is much more than just putting up a website. Your company needs to first have a plan. When you implement you web presence you need to understand what you are trying to do with your Website.What is you web site designed to do?Is there to Educate People about your business?Are you actually selling product on the internet and collecting money via a merchant account?How are you driving traffic to your website?When people come to your website are they directed to a call to action to do something?Do you have the ability to collect Email Addresses, Phone numbers, Names and Addresses? How are you following up through an Auto Responder, Customer Service line, Direct mail?How are you measuring the success of your Website? Are you collecting Leads such as name, email, phone and address? How are you driving traffic to your website, Google AdWords, Organic- SEO Traffic, Banner Ads?As you can see there are many questions to ask and it all depends on the goals of your company how these questions are answered.As a local merchant it is best to start off collecting leads through an Auto Responder. This way you can have automatic follow-up and the ability to collect the data to follow-up on the phone and with Direct mail. Once you have established a way to collect leads you then need to give people who visit you Website a reason to leave their information. Most develop an information package that shows potential customers a do it yourself strategy. Most potential customers that read do it yourself manuals will call back and ask for the Merchant to do the service.Once you have your Call to action and your Lead collection set up on your website you need to concentrate on Driving Traffic to your site. Here are some simple techniques to drive traffic inexpensively:1) Set up a Blog and post and Ping to social network sites – Do this 3 times a week.2) Write Articles and submit them through Article submissions sites – Do this 1 time per week.3) Create a Press Release – Do this 1 Time per monthSome small merchants hire a social media consultant to provide a presence on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Linked In. Those same consultants can manage the creation and release of you Blogs, Articles and Press releases. This base platform of a web presence can be expanded based on conversion rates of the leads produced.